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Protein-Protein Interaction Network Analysis

Step 1. Prepare dataset
Enter a list of NucEnvDB Accession Codes in the box below (separate ACs by spaces):
    You can automatically use ACs from search results.
Retrieve all NucEnvDB entries for species:  
Step 2. Select protein-protein interactions
2.1 Define which interactions to include:
Use only interactions between the Nuclear Envelope proteins themselves
Add interactions between Nuclear Envelope proteins and their (non Envelope) first neighbors
Also add interactions between the first neighbors (Slower)
2.2 Filter interation data:
Remove self-interactions? No   Yes
Use interaction cut-off? No   Yes  
Step 3. Perform Network Analysis
WARNING! Network analysis can be slow for large networks.

Perform basic Graph Theory analysis with NetworkX?   No   Yes
Cluster network with Markov Clustering (MCL?)   No   Yes
  Remove Loops

Retrieve Results

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